Happy Summer Solstice!

And Pitta Season!

Elements: composed of fire and water

Meaning: “that which digests things”

Qualities: oily, sharp, moving, liquid, penetrating, hot, light, and acidic

General tips to help pacify Pitta during the Summer season:

  1.  Avoid stimulants and acidic foods; follow a pitta-pacifying diet.
  2.  Include walks in nature, time for self-reflection and meditation as part of your daily routine.
  3.  Keep the body & mind cool – avoid overheating.
  4.  Exercise in a manner that is not too competitive or overexercise.
  5.  Work on keeping your schedule within your healthy, natural limits.

Here’s a wonderful Pitta pacifying drink:


1 cup mango juice

1 tsp ghee

pinch of cardamom

pinch of saffron

Blend these ingredients together and enjoy!  

This drink will bring energy and vitality to your entire being!