Ayurvedic Offerings, Descriptions and Rates

Initial Ayurmountain-webvedic Consultation package:  (90 min. first session then schedule two 30 min. follow-ups)
Using Ayurvedic principles we will develop an individualized plan to support and enhance your energetic balance & vitality. I will determine your constitution and possible imbalances of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Recommendations may include changes in the following areas: lifestyle, food; including spices & herbs, and daily habits and yoga. As a result, you will begin the adventure of exploring the elemental energy of the doshas and your connection to your essential nature. $170

Follow up Consultation: (30 or 60 min.)
Follow-up sessions are important to keeping in step with your program. After an initial consultation I do some research to address any imbalances discussed and prepare for the follow-up session. Most importantly, it gives us time to assess how you are doing with your Ayurvedic program to make adjustments and provide encouragement, & inspiration.
30 minutes: $35
60 minutes: $70

red-flowers-webAyurvedic Yoga, Private Session (60 min.)
An initial consultation is highly recommended to determine your constitution and health history before participating. Recommendations will be given for specific asanas (poses) to practice through the lens of Ayurveda along with meditation, mantra, and pranayama (breathing exercises). You will receive gentle guidance as you incorporate the yoga practice in your overall health program. $70

Polarity Therapy: (60 min.)** This elemental energy treatment focuses on areas of concentrated life force (prana) energy located throughout the body releasing energy blocks in the body, mind, and spirit by using gentle pressure to assist in balancing the flow of energy. The session is tailored to your individual needs and incorporates Marma Therapy; an Ayurvedic energy therapy (where Polarity Therapy originates), along with Usui Reiki for a well grounded, peaceful, and restorative session.  $70

**Due to the ongoing pandemic, this service is not available in person.  As an option, I am trained in Usui Reiki and available to provide this long distance energy work at this time.**