Springtime Blooms


open magnolia

So inspiring to see nature’s springtime growth especially blooms!

Here’s a recipe for a Kapha pacifying salad:

Rainbow Wild Rice Salad (serves 4-6)

2 c. of wild rice, cooked

1/2 c. of each of red & yellow peppers, diced

1/2 c. pecans

2 tbsp. cranberries

1/2 c. water chestnuts

2 tbsp. of green onions, white parts only, chopped


1/4 c. rice vinegar

1/2 c. olive oil

In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients and toss.  In a jar, combine dressing ingredients and shake well.  Pour over the salad, toss again and enjoy!

Adapted from The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook, Amrita Sondhi